Dental Implants Seattle

Dental implants have become the preferred standard of care when replacing missing, damaged, or deformed teeth. Innovative Dentistry at South Lake Union is Seattle's top choice for dental implants. We utilize the latest in guided implant technology.

Implants are titanium posts that screw into the bone to replace the root of the tooth. Implants can be used in the following ways:

  • Replacement of one or more missing teeth
  • Support of a bridge to replace multiple teeth
  • Support of a non-removable full or partial denture
Dental Implant Seattle WA

Some of the benefits of a dental implant versus a bridge include:

  • A bridge requires aggressive tooth reduction of healthy teeth that are supporting the bridge. An implant saves the adjacent teeth.
  • A bridge is difficult to keep clean
  • Implants allow you to floss and clean the area just like a natural tooth
  • Implants preserve the bone level
  • Implants have a success rate of 98%

You always have options for different kinds of treatment. We will of course present you with the most ideal option, but we will do our best to find other more economical ways to help you achieve your goals.

Fractured Tooth at Gum Line - Before

Fractured Tooth at Gum Line

Fixing Tooth with Dental Implant - After

Fixing Tooth with Dental Implant

Missing Front Tooth Dental Implant Placed - Before

Missing Front Tooth
Dental Implant Placed

Crown Placed on Dental Implant - After

Crown Placed
on Dental Implant

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Teeth in a Day?

Yes, it is very possible to completely replace all your remaining teeth with dental implants in the same day. You can walk in with failing teeth and walk out with a new set of perfect teeth!

With 4-6 implants, you can get a completely implant supported prosthesis for your upper or lower jaw. This is like getting all your teeth back! You don’t have to take anything in and out because it is permanently fixed in your mouth. Using implants, there's nothing on the roof of your mouth, and no more putting your teeth in a glass at the end of each day.

Dentures & Implants

If you wear dentures, you know from experience that, even when dentures fit well, over time, bone and gums change which causes dentures to loosen, rock side to side, create sore spots, and even fall out.

Dental implants give you many options to solve these problems.

One option is to get 1-3 implants to hold your denture in place. The denture clicks in and out of the implant(s). No more sticky adhesives, or food getting caught underneath your removable dentures. With dental implants, you'll no longer need to settle for ill-fitting, poorly functioning, or unsecured dentures.

There are many other options, and, consistent with our . Please call today for a free consultation to discuss these options with us.

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